Mass Effect 3 Datapad iOS app now available for free

Today EA released the Mass Effect 3 Datapad for iOS devices.

The Mass Effect 3 Datapad app, designed for iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad, is the "ultimate companion application" bringing fans of the game up-to-date news and interactive features.

Browse the codex entries from all three Mass Effect games to learn more about the races, locations, and history of the game universe.  Alliance News Network updates and messages from BioWare and ME characters keep you informed of all things Mass Effect.

Log in with your Origin details and increase your singleplayer Galactic Readiness via a mini-game that has you deploy fleets across the galaxy.  This rating multiplies the value of War Assets you discover in Mass Effect 3, making it easier to obtain the best outcome in the final battle.  Unfortunately, it doesn't it doesn't change the ending which has caused quite the controversy among fans.

The Mass Effect 3 Datapad is currently available on the iTunes store for free.