Mass Effect 3 boasts ‘many different endings’

Mass Effect 3 is just a few days away from its worldwide release where fans will experience the thrilling end to an epic trilogy.

Mass Effect 3 isn't like other games, however.  It's narrative and story is much more rich.  BioWare has built an entire universe and story that has appealed to fans on a whole other level. BioWare's uncanny ability to weave narrative around rich characters has led players on an unforgettable journey through with characters they truly care about.  Naturally, fans are eagerly awaiting how this story will end.

According to Mass Effect 3's producer, Mike Gamble, the ending is "not cut and dry".

Speaking to 360 Magazine, Gamble said, "There are many ways to end Shepard’s story, right? I wouldn’t necessarily say ending Shepard’s story means one thing or the other, like life or death or whatever. It comes to a conclusion and how you get to that conclusion."

"There a risks involved in how you get there or how you completely not get there," Gamble explained. "As in the previous games, you’ll make a decision and you’ll see the outcome and there are huge risks to all of those decisions. It’s not cut and dry."

"There are many different endings," he added. "We wouldn’t do it any other way. How could you go through all three campaigns playing as your Shepard and then be forced into a bespoke ending that everyone gets? But I can’t say any more than that…"

He won't need to.  In just a few days Mass Effect 3 fans will see for themselves.  The game is set to release March 6th.