Marvel Games Wants to Be “Synonymous with Quality”

In an interview with Gamasutra, Vice President of Marvel’s Games division TQ Jefferson says the company aims to offer “the strongest IP in gaming.” This comes with a strategy that has the team at Marvel working directly with developers. Getting comic book writers in on the game development and directly advising each studio seems to be the company’s new M.O.

“We want our games to be synonymous with quality,” said Jefferson. “We’re trying to execute that in a number of ways, making ourselves more available for our partners, leveraging more of our resources, working more with publishing and animation and film–I don’t want to say ‘synergetic’ experience because that’s one of those buzzwords that everyone hates–but just bring an experience that’s more authentically Marvel.”

With an upcoming MMO set to go head-to-head with DC Universe Online, Marvel has high ambitions. “This is the core gamers’ MMO. This has a lot of eyes on it. Like I said before, Joe Quesada is working on this. Axel Alonso is working on it. [SVP of publishing] Tom Brevoort is working on it. [Publisher and COO] Dan Buckley is involved in it. Brian Bendis obviously is involved in it.”

Involving the writers is a great idea, but it’s hard not to question the enthusiasm. As a new initiative toward better quality, it’s certainly exciting, but Jefferson never admits to the faults of previous games. Marvel titles have a shaky track record, and Jefferson and his team still have a lot of prove before we forget about games like Thor and Iron Man 2.

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