Marvel’s Legion gets a new trailer and release date

Professor X's son looks a

FX has released the newest trailer for its X-Men inspired show Legion. Real name David Haller, Legion is Professor Xavier's mutant son and one of the most powerful mutants alive. Like father, like son right?

The caveat with Legion is that David Haller has multiple personalities and each one of his personalities controls one of his multiple power variants. Of course, not all of these personalities have society's best interest in mind, so maintaining control of them proves to be quite a chore for David. 

Legion suffers from delusions and years of being treated at psychiatric institutions haven't helped. This new trailer lends a twist on the comic and shows that these delusions may, in fact, be implanted by the government as an attempt to control mutants. If true, it would be a new take from the comic and  something entirely new for the FX series. 

Legion will air on FX February 8, 2017 with its first episode.