Mario Superstar Baseball Promises Post-Season Fun Any Time Of The Year


Sept. 30, 2005

With the playoffs and series just
around the corner, baseball fans will be heading into a long, dry season. But,
fear not, Kansas City and Colorado fans – while not reaching a playoff berth may
be a disappointment, true diamond diehards don’t give up so easily. Harness the
exhilaration of the national pastime and bring a baseball game directly into the
living room any time of the year, complete with a Nintendo twist. Continuing in
the wacky form of other Nintendo sports titles, Mario Superstar Baseball™ for
the Nintendo GameCube™ is a hilarious game that cleverly fuses the tradition of
baseball with favorite characters from the Nintendo universe.

Matt Casamassina, editor for,
said, "If you’re looking for an arcade-like baseball experience overrun with
Nintendo style, you’ve come to the right game. The clean, often humorously
animated character models that grace the field will please Nintendo fans."

Time the pitch perfectly and watch
Donkey Kong® knock one out of the stadium with just his boxing glove, instead of
that boring bat that the pros swing around. Watch Diddy Kong® throw the almost
unhittable, curving banana ball. But watch out for those spinning tornados as
they launch a routine fly ball into the cheap seats. Toy Field matches can even
unlock new characters, features and stadiums. If only every ball player could
walk onto this field of dreams that exists exclusively in the world of Nintendo.

Mario Superstar Baseball is the
latest in a succession of Nintendo sports titles that includes Mario Golf™:
Toadstool Tour, Mario Kart®: Double Dash!!™ and Mario Tennis™ Advance. It brings
with it more than 20 beloved characters from the Mario universe, including
Peach, Daisy, Yoshi™, Birdo, Bowser and Wario™. Nintendo pays no heed to a
team’s regular-season shortcomings and carries the excitement and steeped
tradition of baseball into October and beyond with a game for everyone.