Mario Maker gets more costumes

Is that BabyMetal?

Nintendo isn't done adding characters to their Mario Maker franchise yet. If you were paying attention about a month ago there was a new cute but obscure addition. Now they've added some more.

Japanese Metal Idol group, Babymetal, burst on to the scene back on April 27th. The trio of girls known by their cute nicknames (Su-metal, Yui-metal and Moa-metal) will move and jump as a group through the level sticking together through thick and thin. But they're not the only ones who are going to tag team some difficult Mario Maker Stages.

The Ice Climbers are also making their way to the platformer. It's been sometime since the Ice Climbers have been playable characters. And even longer since they've been in their 8-bit forms. Who knows if this will lead to more ice themed levels or what Nintendo will throw at Mario Maker next.