Mario Kart Wii… I mean Mole Kart iOS

Remember Mario Kart Wii?  Well so does the new Mole Kart iOS game.  This is one of the more blatant rip offs of another game I’ve ever seen.  This three dollar game for you iPhone or iPad is not very original in its appearance and gameplay.  Sure you could make the argument (I would argue) that racing cartoonish racing games will all look the same but… really? 

The maps, items, music, and even banners are the same or veeeeeeery similar to Mario Kart Wii.  Come on Shanghai Shengran Information Technology Co, try to make your rip off less obvious.  This game came out yesterday and if you really want the Mario Kart Wii rip-off for your phone or iPad – I would buy it now for there is no certainty how long it will last. 

For humor reasons, I attached the trailer for Mole Kart below.  Watch it and then try to argue with me.  The link to the apple store product is HERE.