Mario and Zelda 3DS Holiday Bundles Are Pretty Cool


Last week, Kirby's Adventure got a 3D makeover on the 3DS. I don't own Nintendo's latest dual screen handheld, but the fact that a Kirby game is now something I can play on the 3DS really makes me want it. Now, the Big N is pushing out something cool once more.

It seems good ol' Nintendo has two 3DS bundles in store for the holidays. The first is that wonderful black and gold Ocarina of Time bundle that I originally feared would only drop in Europe. This will likely entice numerous Zelda fans.

The second bundle is all Mario. You'll snag a Flame Red 3DS along with a copy of Super Mario 3D Land. As pointed out by GameZone's own Robert Workman in his review of the game, Super Mario 3D Land is pretty damn awesome.

Keep an eye on these holiday bundles, as they actually manage to do what Nintendo has hoped to do since the 3DS launch: make the system interesting. Oh, and these sleek and sexy bundles are limited edition, so get yours early. Unless of course that whole analog nub add-on thing is still bothering you, in which case you can just wait for the 3DS revision.