March PS Plus: Here are your free PS4, PS3 and Vita games

Sony has announced its free PlayStation Plus offerings for the month of March 2014. Confirmed earlier todayDead Nation: Apocalypse Edition — an enhanced edition of Housemarque's 2010 shoot 'em up — will be free for PS4 members. PS3 owners will be treated to three games this month: Tomb Raider, Thomas Was Aloneand Lone Survivor: Director's Cut. Vita owners are also getting four games: Unit 13, Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite, and the Vita versions of Thomas Was Alone and Lone Survivor: Director's Cut.

Below is a brief preview of each title that'll be available for free in March for PS Plus members:

Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition – PS4

Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition is a twin-stick zombie shooter. 

Fight for your life alone or with a friend as Jack McReady or Scarlett Blake as you step onto the streets of a city overrun with undead flesh-eaters. And, if you’re feeling really brave, take a walk down the Road of Devastation – a deadly experiment that pushes your survival skills to the absolute limit as you face hordes of zombies with no extra lives and no second chances. The dead may walk – but you can make sure they don’t walk very far.

As an enhanced edition, the PS4 re-release will some new additions including Broadcast+ mode and Challenge mode in addition to full 1080p HD, with improved textures, rendering, and effects. You can read more about Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition here.

Tomb Raider – PS3

Tomb Raider

Well, it's not the "Definitive Edition" that was released for PS4 and Xbox One, but Crystal Dynamics' Tomb Raider is still a great reboot of the franchise. As a reboot, Tomb Raider explores the "intense and gritty origin story of Lara Croft and her ascent from a frightened young woman to the hardened survivor that she would become known as."

Thomas Was Alone – PS3 & PS Vita

Thomas Was Alone

Described as an "adorable" puzzle platformer, Thomas Was Alone showcases the camaraderie of artificial intelligences depicted as various shapes. In the game, you must guide a group of sentient rectangles through a series of environments, combining their skills to reach the end of the level. Best of all, because Thomas Was Alone is a cross-buy title, this will also be a free PS Plus game for Vita owners.

Lone Survivor: Director's Cut – PS3 & PS Vita

Lone Survivor: Director's Cut

Lone Survivor: Director's Cut is a 2D adventure style survival horror. Described as a "psychological survival adventure," you — the masked protagonist — must escape from a city ravaged by disease. The unique twist to this is that the choice of how you survive is up to you. This also will be a free Vita game for March.

Unit 13 – PS Vita

Unit 13

Unit 13 is a third-person mission-based shooter "where you’ll need to complete specified objectives, like staying in stealth or completing levels as quickly as possible." There are a total of 36 tactical missions and 9 high value target battles as you help take down global terror networks. Using wi-fi connectivity, you can enjoy 2-player co-op. 3G compatibility also keeps you connected for social updates and new daily mission challenges.

Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite – PS Vita

Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite

It's simple: you kill monsters and use their body parts to craft new weapons and armor so you can take down even bigger monsters. What's great about this game is the sheer massiveness of it. Heralded as the "biggest Monster Hunter title to date," Freedome Unite offers over 500 hours of gameplay with a huge variety of character customizations (1400 weapons and over 2000 armor sets). Freedom Unite supports  players through Ad-Hoc.

Boom! That's it — all of your free PS4, PS3, and Vita games for the month of March 2014. What do ya think?

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