March Madness 2014: Vote on the best Video Game franchises of all time

Getting into the spirit of March Madness, GameZone has gone ahead and created our own bracket of sorts — the bracket of best Video Game Franchises of all time! *dun dun dun* Established franchises like Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, and The Legend of Zelda are duking it out against newcomers like Titanfall and The Last of Us. But only we, as gamers, can decide the true victor.

While you can see the full bracket of Video Game franchises in the competition, you must go here to vote (a Challonge account is required to vote, but you can easily sign up with Twitter or Facebook). We'll be keeping up with the real-life NCAA tournament in terms of voting per round, so be sure to check back frequently to check the status of your favorite franchise. Of course, we'll keep you updated when the round ends and a new one begins.

Let the madness begin!

***Voting is currently in the 1st round***

It should be noted that the franchises selected were chosen by members of the GameZone staff. They are in no particular order and the matchups were created at random.