MapleStory opens Monster Carnival and Back-to-School Special Events

August 28, 2009

MapleStory opens Monster Carnival and
Back-to-School Special Events

Nexon America’s MapleStory MMOG has a slew of new events that
have just began this week. Released this week to MapleStory is the Monster
Carnival 2, a return of a very popular quest based event in which parties enter
and hunt monsters the opposing team has summoned. The payoff of Monster Carnival
is a trove of rewards including coins and medals. This event is currently
underway and will continue indefinitely.

Also coming live this week is the Mu Lung Dojo challenge. A
the Mu Lung Dojo, players can take on top fighters and earn a set of five belts
and 32 metals. Additionally, there is a series of back-to-school events that
have gone live including:

Alphabet Gathering: Defeat monsters and collect the
letters they drop to spell words which bring great rewards

Cassandra’s Special Alphabet Gift: Reporting to this
NPC upon login will earn players letters. In some cases, very rare letters.

The Great MapleStory book drive: Help a student
retrieve her books from monsters who tore them from her and receive letters or
other valuable items.

Back-to-School Sale: There is a 30 percent off sale
on necessary school items such as notebooks, pencils and prep-school uniforms.

For more information about the events, go to: