Man takes metal bowl, talent and glitter, makes awesome Dark Souls 2 armor

I made boat out of paper onceā€¦

How much do you like Dark Souls 2? Enough to take some household items and turn them into Elite Knight armor? Well, someone has to fill that role – hide your metal bowls, toe socks, glitter and various pieces of scrap metal, ‘cause there’s a guy out there who used all of those items, plus a hammer to make his own armor.

He even did the entire thing with the games HUD pulled up to let you know the tools he was using (hint: It was mostly a mug – who knows what was in it).

All jokes aside, the guy did a phenomenal job and definitely has a ton of skill. If you like listening to a man hammer metal (a lot) or simply like the show How it’s Made, check out the video below (it’s worth it).