Man Steals Xbox 360, Gets Tased

The economy is taking it's toll on gamers everywhere, including Pennsylvania where we found 23-year old Timothy Joseph Mandes get rejected for a job, steal an Xbox 360, and then get tased.

According to reports, Mandes was turned down for a job at a Best Buy in Bthlehem Township.  Before leaving, Mandes wandered over to the Xbox section and stuff a 360 console in his pants.  Manager Jake Gruver informed police and surveillance tapes confirmed the suspicion.  Here's where things get electrifying.

When police showed up at Mandes home to arrest him for the theft, he trie dto escape through a basement door, where he fought with officers during his arrest.  Police confirmed the use of a Taser during the arrest.

Lesson learned?  An Xbox 360 will fit in your pants and won't look noticable.  He must have been wearing the relaxed fit kind.