Man attempts to beat Destiny 2 using Bananas as a controller

This guy is absolutely ... bananas

An Imgur user named "ATwerkingYoshi"  attempted something so bananas, it's literally bananas. ATwerkingYoshi (as he's known "at night" and Louis, "during the day") decided as he was walking home, hyped about buying Destiny 2, that he also had to grab some groceries. That's when the idea hit him, why not attempt to play, and beat, Destiny 2 using bananas as a controller?

Louis managed to wrangle up 16 bananas, a ton of duct tape and wiring and some other hijinks to emulate a PlayStation 4 controller, minus an L3 button.

The image above in the header shows you the layout in which Louis constructed his delicious, yet nutritious, curvy controller. Below is a short Twitch clip showing Louis in action.

Louis certainly pulled off the concept but has yet to beat Destiny 2 using the bananas. To see the full video and how far Louis got into Destiny 2, check out the link to the video on his Twitch page at TheSuperScrubs.