MAKING HISTORY Becomes Impulse Driven

August 6, 2008

MAKING HISTORY Becomes Impulse

Muzzy Lane’s Making History Gold
Edition WWII strategy game joins the lineup of quality games at Stardock’s
Impulse Digital Download Platform

Muzzy Lane and Stardock announced
today that it has added its new Gold Edition of MAKING HISTORY The Calm & the
Storm to the other great game titles distributed through Stardock’s new Impulse
digital distribution platform (
Launched in June, Impulse is a cohesive, integrated virtual platform for
consumers and developers that is designed to simplify buying, supporting, and
developing PC games and applications for Windows XP and Vista. The MAKING
HISTORY Gold Edition is at:

"We are very excited to partner with
Stardock for digital distribution of the MAKING HISTORY Gold Edition," says
Muzzy Lane Product Manager Chris Parsons. "Stardock is clearly a company that
knows and produces great strategy games, and we are delighted to be a part of
Stardock’s Impulse lineup.

counterfactual turn-based strategy game in which players apply their strategic
skills to lead their chosen nation through real-world periods of conflict. The
goal is not to replay history exactly as it happened, but rather to operate in
an unpredictable, player-driven world. This approach creates a unique blend of
dynamic, open-ended gameplay for those who enjoy games like Axis & Allies and
Civilization while the historic setting will appeal to those who want to test
their mettle in a more realistic environment. The Gold Edition includes the new
Rise of the Reich scenario as well as three broad-ranging scenarios created by
players using the MAKING HISTORY Editor Players can share scenarios, find scores
of free content and interact with other players at the MAKING HISTORY Gaming
Headquarters website