Making drunk bets on beating Dark Souls can end with you on TV court

Yes, we all know TV court is fake... But Dark Souls!

For the uninitiated, beating Dark Souls may sound like a simple task. Unfortunately, within the first 20-minutes you'll find out very quickly that's not true. An inebriated fellow named Thomas made a bet at the 2014 Glastonbury Festival that he would beat Dark Souls by the next Glastonbury festival or he would pay his friend David £100.

Well, the 2015 Glastonbury Festival has come and gone, but Thomas has yet to beat Dark Souls or pay David  £100. What do you do when your friend doesn't pay the debt he promised you? Apparently, you take him to TV court (because you're a great friend).


Thomas did not remember making the bet (he was simply too drunk), but David and his brother Michael drafted up a document and attempted to have Thomas sign it – despite saying he didn't remember making the deal. Fortunately for Thomas he didn't sign the contract, he even added to his defense that he'd gone to university and his reason for not beating the game was that "a degree is easier than Dark Souls." 

The TV court Judge was ITV's Robert Rinder who hung his head saying that he "used to do international law" as the Michael and David explained that they wanted Thomas to beat Dark Souls in a loincloth or pay them.

The case was dismissed.

[Via GamesRadar]