Make $40 an Hour as a “Pokemon Tutor”

Times are tough, with plenty of recent college grads looking for creative ways to put a dent in those student loans. However a recent Craigslist job listing has us wondering if perhaps there's a yet untapped job market in the Kanto region.

That's right, forty dollars cash and all you have to do is guide a youngin' through the magical world of Pokemon, which as far as I'm concerned, sounds like the best job ever. Though this listing seems ridiculous on the surface, Pokemon can be a bit intimidating to youngers even despite its kid-friendly image, children falling in love with the colorful characters but struggling to understand RPG tropes such as experience points or potions. Still, needing to pay somebody to teach your kid how to play his video games right… we call these things "first world problems." 

Also strange that this mom is seeking male applicants only, as if suggesting a female gamer couldn't possibly know how to raise Pokemon correctly. 

Sexist much?