Majority of mobile gamers never reopen a game after the first day

How often do you download a mobile game, play it for a day and never return to it after you've closed out? Six times out of 10 games? Is that oddly specific? There's a reason for the specifics.

An analytics firm, Swrv, tracked ten million mobile game players for 90 days and compiled some interesting data. It turns out that most people quit playing a game after the first 24 hours, by most we mean 66%. If the remaining 34% return the next day, the game has to be a big hit. 

Over the 90 days, players only spent about 45 cents on their games. Which falls in-line with a previous study that found that only 2.2% of players spend any money at all in mobile games. 

So, if you've downloaded a game on your phone only to play it once, you're not alone.

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