Major Update Now Available for Empires in Arms

May 29, 2008

Major Update Now Available for
Empires in Arms

The latest update to this
Napoleonics grand strategy game brings tons of fixes

Matrix Games and Australian Design
Group are pleased to announce that a major new update is now available for the
computer adaptation of the hit Napoleonic strategy game, Empires in Arms. This
v1.02 comprehensive update includes over 150 fixes as well as some enhancements.

A focused effort has been made to
address as many issues reported since the original release as possible and v1.02
represents a significant improvement in play quality in both AI and multi-player
PBEM modes. While work continues to respond to all reported issues and make
further improvements to AI and PBEM play, we strongly encourage all players to
update to the v1.02 level.

David Heath, Director of Operations
at Matrix Games, said “Empires in Arms is one of those rare games that wholly
captures the excitement and fun of a classic board game and takes it to the PC.
By bringing the amazing Australian Design Group system to the PC with all its
elegance and splendor, Empires in Arms serves as a must-have for board game and
PC fans of Napoleonics alike!”

Take command of one of the many
factions in early 19th century Europe! Empires in Arms is a grand strategy
turn-based race to prove which nation is the greatest in Europe. In a bid for
mastery over the continent, players can succeed where Napoleon failed or try to
stop the military genius quicker than his historical enemies could!

The game moves in monthly turns
where diplomacy and builds are conducted. Within the monthly turns there are a
variable number of impulses where corps and fleets move about. All movement is
simultaneous with battles occurring at the end of the impulse. Battles are
resolved by players both picking a strategy and fighting a series of rounds in
an attempt to break the enemy. Make and break alliances, declare war, invade
minor nations, propose peace terms, build armies of landwehr, regulars, guards,
light cavalry, heavy cavalry and artillery. Many historical leaders from the
period are included to command corps and fleets, from Admiral Nelson to Marshal
Davout to the Pashas of the Ottoman Empires.

Diplomacy and economics will
complement the sharp bayonets and deadly cannons of your direct military might
when you take the role of any of the major powers in 19th century Europe! As you
conquer your weaker foes, use the money and resources from fallen nations to
recruit new units and replenish your ranks. France, Great Britain, Prussia,
Turkey, Russia, Spain and Austria all stand ready with their full resources,
generals, armies and fleets for you to take command. Join the intricate and
deadly contest of power that changed a continent and created a legend.

The slightest mistake could be the
difference between the crown of Europe or exile to St. Helena. Step into history
and find your destiny in Empires in Arms!

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in Arms