Major Nelson Radio avatar items now available

Celebrating 444 shows of excellence, Larry Hyrb, aka Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson, has finally found his way onto the Xbox LIVE Avatar Marketplace today. Indeed, gamers who've been following the podcast from show one or just recently can now deck their avatars out in some official Major Nelson Radio gear. 

The collection, rightly dubbed the "Community Collection," features four items for purchase, including a hat, "tweed suit," shirt, and hoodie, all of which show off Major's radio show that focuses on all things Xbox. Unfortunately there aren't any wacky lauralollipop, e, or Major-styled clothing, but for 80/160 MSP, you can show off your fandom for all your LIVE friends to see. 

Below you can view the entire collection. You can also find a link to download these exquisite items below: 

Community Collection – Major Nelson Radio

MNR HatMNR SuitMNR HoodieMNR T-shirt

To download item(s) from the Community Collection directly to your Xbox 360, click here