Majesco Entertainment Ships Away: Shuffle Dungeon

October 29, 2008

Entertainment Ships Away: Shuffle Dungeon

Celebrated Talent Create
Revolutionary RPG Exclusively for Nintendo DS

Embark on an epic role playing
journey from legendary videogame creators! Majesco Entertainment Company
announced today that AWAY shuffle dungeon for Nintendo DS has shipped to retail
outlets nationwide. Developed by Mistwalker and Artoon, with the game scenario
conceived by RPG creator Hironobu Sakaguchi, characters designed by Naoto Oshima,
and the main theme song composed by Nobuo Uematsu, AWAY shuffle dungeon lets
players take control of the young hero "Sword" who must rescue kidnapped
townsfolk from a strange unknown.

A mysterious force has plagued the
people of Webb Village for the past century by routinely abducting its residents
and destroying their homes. Two years ago, Sword came to the village to settle
down, but it wasn’t long before the occasional disappearances sparked his
curiosity. When he suddenly becomes the lone remaining villager, he embarks on a
quest to rescue its citizens, rebuild the town, and forever solve the enigma of

As Sword, players must find the
villagers’ personal items left behind so he can access the ‘shuffle dungeons’
where they’re held captive. Within these caverns, the floors randomly
reconfigure at timed intervals; should Sword be caught in the shuffle, he will
lose his life and the lives of any rescued villagers in his care. Fortunately,
help can be found in the form of ‘fupongs,’ small dungeon creatures that follow
Sword and provide powerful magic spells to help combat underground enemies and
bosses. As citizens repopulate the town, they reconstruct Webb Village with a
variety of stores the Sword can frequent to stock up on weapons, armor, health,
food and other necessities that will aid him in his quest between the 2D shuffle
dungeons and the 3D village.

AWAY shuffle dungeon also lets
players fight cooperatively in 2-player Raid Battle Mode. By defeating multiple
bosses together, players can unlock special weapons and armor for use in the
main single player mode.

AWAY shuffle dungeon for Nintendo DS
is available now at a suggested retail price of $29.99. To watch the gameplay
trailer and find out more, please visit