Majesco Entertainment Announces Shorts For Nintendo DS

June 22, 2009

Entertainment Announces Shorts For Nintendo DS

The Outrageous And Magical Mayhem
Of The Warner Brothers Motion Picture Comes To Handheld This July

Majesco Entertainment Company today
announced Shorts for Nintendo DS. This entertaining puzzle platform game brings
to life the highly-anticipated Warner Bros. theatrical release of the same name.
Written and directed by Robert Rodriguez (The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava
Girl, Spy Kids) the Shorts film features a high-profile cast that includes
Leslie Mann, William H. Macy, Jon Cryer and James Spader. Developed by
Artificial Mind & Movement, the Shorts videogame is expected to release in
advance of the movie this July.

In Shorts, a magical rainbow rock
that grants wishes brings chaos to the peaceful suburbs. Players take on the
role of four of their favorite characters from the movie-Toe Thompson, Nose
Noseworthy, Loogie Short and Helvetica Black-as they work to return the
community of Black Falls to normalcy by fixing wishes-gone-wrong. Each character
has his own special jump and unique ability that helps when fighting off a
multitude of enemies, including booger monsters, bomb shooting crocodiles,
poison spitting snakes, bats and sparking robots!

Shorts features 26 levels in three
distinct episodes from the feature film. Players can use the stylus to draw
temporary platforms to jump on or use as shields to avoid dangerous threats. In
addition, collecting enough energy balls lets gamers power special abilities
like the alien and wasp hover-jumps, telekinesis super-attack, invincibility,
and growth and shrink ray guns for extra sticky situations!

Shorts for Nintendo DS is rated E10+
and is expected to release late July. For additional information about Majesco’s
exciting line of products, please visit