Majesco Announces My Hero Brand for Nintendo DS

May 19, 2009

Announces My Hero Brand for Nintendo DS

Step into the Shoes of Real-Life
Heroes Including Astronauts, Firefighters, and Doctors; First Two Titles To
Launch This August

Majesco Entertainment Company today
announced a series of aspirational Nintendo DS games under the brand name My
Hero. In this new adventure simulation franchise, players experience firsthand
the heroic acts of the role models they look up to – a daring astronaut, a
courageous firefighter, and a life-saving doctor – by completing a variety of
challenging missions relating to each profession. My Hero: Astronaut and My
Hero: Firefighter are expected to launch in August, while My Hero: Doctor will
release this December. Produced by Game Life, each of the My Hero brand games
has a suggested retail price of only $19.99.

"Every generation has its own
champions, but certain professions, by their very nature, consistently produce
the real-life heroes that youth always look up to," said Gui Karyo, Executive
Vice President of Operations for Majesco. "Majesco’s new My Hero product line
lets players experience what it’s like to be the brave and committed role models
they admire within a fun, Touch Screen adventure format."

My Hero: Astronaut
In My Hero: Astronaut, players take on the role of a new recruit in the United
States of West on a quest to lead their team to victory by conquering space
first before their rivals do. On an expedition to Mars, players will pilot a
Space Rover, Space Shuttle, and Lunar Lander as they blast off through over 40
different missions. Activities include landing on a space station, repairing
satellites, destroying meteors on a collision course with Earth, and much more.
For every mission successfully completed, players also earn medals and receive
special gameplay bonuses.

My Hero: Firefighter
The Nintendo DS stylus becomes a hose, axe and extendable ladder in My Hero:
Firefighter. Players must drive fire engines swiftly and safely through crowded
city streets and react quickly to house fires, chemical explosions, and forest
fires in 13 hazardous missions. By putting out raging fires and courageously
saving people and animals, players earn awards for their bravery, move up the
ranks to Captain, and acquire upgraded trucks and equipment. Players also learn
real fire safety tips and how to react appropriately in dangerous situations.

My Hero: Doctor
In My Hero: Doctor, players take on the role of a doctor’s apprentice as they
manage 10 major medical emergencies by utilizing the microphone and stylus as an
all-in-one medical tool. Players will treat and cure patients by using real
medical equipment to help scan for fractures, inject medication, and apply a
defibrillator. By successfully maneuvering the ambulance around obstacles on
their way to aiding the sick and saving lives, players unlock upgrades and earn
awards as they progress in their medical career.

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