Majesco Announces Dawn Of Heroes For NDS

January 22, 2009


Unique RPG Puts Massive World of
Quests, Epic Battles and Multiplayer Action in the Palm of Your Hand

Majesco Entertainment Company, an
innovative provider of video games for the mass market, today announced Dawn of
Heroes for Nintendo DS™. Developed by Wicked Studios, Dawn of Heroes is a
tactical role playing game that combines classic RPG concepts-including
character development, epic combat, quests and puzzles-with a humorous style.
The game also supports head-to-head multiplayer action and the ability to trade
collected items, two features designed to build a community of worldwide heroes.

Featuring more than 50 playable
missions with branching paths and side quests, Dawn of Heroes takes players to
the endangered Kingdom of Brimthule. Brimthule’s King sacrificed himself to
entomb the great beast Ragnakore within stone. Now players must save the kingdom
by battling the curses, monsters and misfortunes that have ensued following the
King’s tragic demise. Utilizing a streamlined user interface that allows players
to command all aspects of their adventure with the Touch Screen and stylus, the
game contains 25 playable classes from six unique factions and a multitude of
enemies. In addition, the massive world of Brimthule and its unique inhabitants
are rendered in detailed 3D graphics that help bring the adventure to life.

Dawn of Heroes for Nintendo DS is
expected to release this summer.