Magneto, King of Spain Costume Removed from UMVC3 DLC

Marvel's 'House of M' storyline was a well recieved event, the Scarlet Witch using her reality altering powers in order to create a world ruled by mutants. In this world, the Scarlet Witch's father Magneto was obviously King, though his costume hit a bit too close to home for the people of Spain. 

As you can see, we have the leader of the self-proclaimed "Evil Brotherhood of Mutants" on the right, and the official royal photograph of Spanish King Juan Carlos. Spain wasn't too happy to see their ruler's official garb being used by the power mad mutant dictator, and considered legal action. Though Marvel ended up not using the cover image you see here, they did continue to use the costume for Magneto throughout the House of M saga.

Cut to five years later, with Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 pumping out a baffling variety of costume DLC in an attempt to put Capcom back in the green. Among the offerings? Magneto, King of Spain!

Apparently, Marvel is pretty poor at learning their lessons, as Spain again threatened legal action and the banning of UMVC3 based on this offending content. As a result, the DLC pack has been pushed back, as Spanish Magneto is apparently being replaced with a less controversal costume. 

Personally, we think Spain has a long way to go in understanding the value of free speech and the satirization of public figures. Also, GameZone would like to announce our first ever video game release: "Punch Spanish King Juan Carlos in the Mouth" for PlayStation Vita. Keep an eye out for it.