Mafia 3 allegedly in development for Xbox 720, PS4

A new report is claiming Mafia 3, the next chapter in 2K Czech's gangster series, will be released for next-gen consoles like the rumored Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4.

Originally planned for Xbox 360 and PS3, the report states the studio decided to switch development over to next-gen consoles last summer.

The report also claims that while Mafia 3 will release for the Xbox 720 and PS4, it will likely miss the launch period for both consoles, as the developer is still in the process of re-staffing following layoffs last year.

Earlier this year it was also rumored that 2K Czech had been contributing to the development of Grand Theft Auto 5. It was previously reported that the Czech studio was "putting its cinematic expertise to work in producing animations for cutscenes and general gameplay" in GTA 5 for "almost a year".

As for Mafia 3 and the next-gen rumors, 2K Czech has yet to respond to the speculation and neither Microsoft nor Sony have yet to officially announce their next generation console plans. The report estimates a 2013/2014 release, however.