Madden NFL 25 puts you in the shoes of an NFL owner

Ever question the moves you're favorite football organization does? Think you could manage the team better? I know I question Jerry's motives on a daily basis. Well, with Madden NFL 25 you'll get a chance to show up the ones in charge of your favorite organization, as you can step foot in the owner's shoes in the new Connected Franchise owners mode.

As the name suggests, you'll become the owner of any team you'd like. And as owner, you make the calls. From setting prices for tickets and concessions to hiring team personnel, to managing stadium upgrades, to flat out moving the team to a new city, the choices are yours. Although decisions will be yours alone to make, you'll have a helpful staff to guide you. And you can bet the frenzied media will analyze your every move. Madden NFL 25 will have several recognizable media personalities including loud-mouth Skip Bayless who are just just waiting to pounce on one wrong move.

Other features in Madden NFL 25 include full 32-team control, new commissioner tools, and a league transaction log. Madden NFL 25 will also support importing draft classes from Madden NCAA Football 14. Finally!

Check out EA's in-depth blog explaining the new Connected Franchise owners mode here. Or just watch the video below.