Madden NFL 17 cover athlete announcement and first trailer coming this week

It's coming!

Electronic Arts is planning to reveal the cover athlete and first trailer for Madden NFL 17 later this week via ESPN SportsCenter. Football junkies and gamers can expect the reveal to come at 6PM ET/ 3PM PT on Thrusday, May 12.

What makes this a unique Madden experience, well somewhat unique, is that this is the first time since 2009 that the cover has not been decided by the fans. 

While EA has not made it clear who they will be featuring on the cover, it's safe to say that there are three NFL players that are competing against one another for the role of cover athlete: Cam Newton, Von Miller, and Todd Gurley.

When Newton was drafted into the NFL he came out as the number one pick, followed by Miller. It should be noted, however, that Miller is a leading choice of the two – as he was the Super Bowl MVP. EA might be pulling for Newton though, considering that he was included in the vote for the past few year, but has lost each time.

Gurley on the other hand, is an NFL newbie who has shown insane potential. On top of that, the Rams moved to L.A. and got a new logo, which will be a major change for the Madden games.