Madden NFL 15 gameplay video highlights defensive improvements to your ‘war in the trenches’

One of the major goals for Madden NFL 15 was to redefine the way you play defense. As we learend back in June, the Madden dev team is accomplishing this in a number of ways, starting with the pass rush. If you recall, I wrote an article last month explaining how Madden NFL 15 has improved the defensive line mechanics to deliver gameplay that's both fun and exciting. This is 2014 though — we know you don't like to read. So EA has released a new gameplay video highlighting some of Madden NFL 15's new features, especially when engaging in the "war in the trenches."

Specific features talked about in this video include the new defensive camera angle (and locking on to a specific player), boosting off the line, steering offensive linemen, and new defensive moves like power and finesse.