Madden NFL 15 features ‘real’ NFL jumbotrons

In an attempt to create a more authentic stadium environment, Madden NFL 15 will make use of "real NFL jumbotrons."

"Gone are the days of generic 'LOSE LOSE LOSE' messages on Madden NFL  scoreboards," EA says. This year's game will feature authentic jumbotrons messaging and imagery from a number of NFL teams. Fans can expect to see more than 20 events displayed on the big screen including touchdowns and crowd cues like "get out on defense."

Additionally, the new jumbotron features will be extended to the Super Bowls as well, meaning scoreboard images will "no longer be subject to the game's home team" as it was in the past. This will create a more "neutral" feel to the game, EA says. The winner of the big game will now see their team's logo alongside the Lombardi Trophy. I can't wait to see how that'll look on Jerry's big ol' video board.

For Madden NFL 15, this is just a taste of EA's presentation overhaul. Other improvements include a more authentic "NFL-style" broadcast inspired by NFL Films, more than 80 hours of new game commentary, and pre-game and halftime shows.