Madden NFL 13 Cover Vote down to the Final Four

Out of a field that was once comprised of 64 NFL athletes, stands only four. 

Cam Newton (Panthers), Patrick Willis (49ers), Calvin Johnson (Lions), and Aaron Rodgers (Packers) are all that remain after three weeks of voting for the Madden NFL 13 Cover Vote.  Round three said goodbye to Arizona Cardinals' Larry Fitzgerald, NY Giants' Victor Cruz, Baltimore Ravens' Ray Rice, and NE Patriots' Rob Gronkowski.

While we won't find out who moves on until April 18th, we at least know the Cover Athlete will represent the NFC.

Fans can vote from now until April 18th at ESPN's Sports Nation page.  Below are the matchups:

  • Cam Newton vs Patrick Willis
  • Aaron Rodgers vs Calvin Johnson

Calvin Johnson was one of my original predictions, but it'll be a tough matchup against Aaron Rodgers.  For what it's worth, Lions' coach Jim Schwartz says if you know anything about football, you'll vote for Calvin Johnson to be on the cover of Madden NFL 13.  He must really want to see his star wide receiver have an off year.