Machinarium Drops on iPad

If you haven’t already played Machinarium, you really should. The indie game managed to deliver a solid adventure experience and featured rich visuals, and it is lauded by gamers everywhere. We previously reported that the game would be ported to the PlayStation Network as well as tablet gaming devices, and it looks like the progression of Machinarium has begun.

If you’ve been waiting for a portable version of this stellar indie title, you should definitely jump on board the Machinarium train and download this game ASAP. Developer Amanita Design didn’t reveal anything regarding other tablet or mobile devices, but let’s hope this is just the first step in expanding the game.

Personally, I’m still waiting on the PSN version of the game. You see, my computer hardware can really only handle 16-bit games, so I’d rather not risk downloading Machinarium on Steam only for it to run about as slow as … umm … I don’t know, a really slow person? Bad jokes aside, this reveal is big news for iPad owners looking for a solid gaming experience, so I would suggest you check out Machinarium without hesitation if you’re looking for something to play.

Also, if you were hoping to play the game on Xbox Live Arcade, you should be aware that Amanita Design has no intention of releasing the game for Microsoft’s download platform. According to the developer, the Xbox 360 manufacturer was making too many demands, and Amanita Design don’t take no guff from nobody! But hey, at least Machninarium is on iPad now!