LUNA Beta version 1.3 Has Landed


Press Release: New LUNA Beta 1.3 Released! HERE IT IS!!! LUNA Beta version 1.3
has finally landed! 


is what the players have been waiting for! This new beta version takes a
quantum leap forward with new features and enhancements, a direct result from
the thousands of players who have contributed to our “Open Game Development.”


play the new beta, simply download LUNA Beta version 1.3 from


join our Open Game Development, simply play the new Beta, then visit the
official LUNA website to give us your comments. All player comments, for
better or for worse are extremely important to us and we take them very
seriously. We appreciate the overwhelming amount of feedback and support we’ve
received so far and we will continue working hard for you to make LUNA the
game you want!


1.3 is packed with dozens of massive additions and enhancements. A few of
these new features include:

special effects, animations and graphic enhancements – explosions, meteors,
smoke, sparks, texture blending, etc. – you name it, you got it… 6 New
Disasters that include: 

Subspace Pirates – You work hard all your life, only to have somebody come and
take away all you have to show for it. Did I say Pirates, or the IRS? Ummm,
taxes or pirates, take your pick.

Gas Pocket – Yikes! Don’t build over this thing unless you want poison gas to
come out your ears.

Ion Storm – What are the chances of being struck by lightning on the moon? Not
too good, I guess, but don’t think that makes you safe from an Ion Storm!

Ecological Disaster – What’s for dinner you ask? Green radioactive goop, mmmmm,

Energy Shockwave – A big nasty explosion with a tremendous shockwave that
turns your favorite buildings into smoldering rubble.

Asteroid Collision – Having fun with the meteor showers? He he he, that’s for
the kiddies. Wait until you drop a big-ass chunk of rock on your colony and
see it get smashed down into a big ol’ crater of destruction. Not to mention
what the shockwave does to buildings near the impact zone.


characters – the game takes on a whole new life and personality with all new
voices Deep refinement and tuning of gameplay. You’ll find this new version a
real challenge and a very rewarding gaming experience. Optimized game engine
is now even faster! Smooth game control refinements with even more options and
controls. Not compatible with old save games, but it doesn’t matter anyway,
this new version has some massive new goodies you wouldn’t want to miss!
Expiration date July 1, 2001 

to game interface 

management of advisors 

visibility of text


we want to thank the thousands of players who have contributed to the success
of LUNA’s development. We’re sure you’ll enjoy the new Beta and we want
to assure all players we’ll be working hard to make LUNA the game that you
want! Come to and
download the new version NOW!


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