LucasArts Launches Newly Updated Fracture Website; Prepares Fall Release

May 30, 2008

Launches Newly Updated Fracture Website; Prepares Fall Release

“Groundbreaking” Action Game Web
Site Features Development Blog, Community Forums, Gameplay Videos, Screenshots
and Much More

LucasArts and development partner
Day 1 Studios today announced the redesign and relaunch of the Fracture Web
site. The newly enhanced site will allow fans of LucasArts’ newest franchise to
explore, interact and immerse themselves in the world of Fracture like never
before. Development blogs, podcasts, contests as well as a plethora of videos,
screenshots, story details and other background information are now just a click
away at
. Fracture is slated for release in October 2008.

To complement the newly updated
Fracture website, LucasArts will also offer gamers the opportunity to immerse
themselves in a special community-oriented Wiki site. The site will give gamers
the chance to interact with other fans of Fracture, watch exclusive videos, and
gain access to in-depth information about the exciting features to be found in
the game. Discuss Fracture and interact with other fans at

Fracture takes place in the year
2161. A series of ecological and seismological disasters have radically altered
the planet’s landscape, and a classic ideological clash between the genetically
altered Pacificans and the cybernetically enhanced Atlantic Alliance has brought
the world to the brink of war. Players find themselves right in the middle of
the genetic vs. cybernetic conflict as Jet Brody, a highly trained weapons
expert fighting for the Alliance.

Fracture features truly
next-generation gameplay with the use of “groundbreaking” terrain deformation
engine technology. Players are able to literally reshape the battlefield as they
see fit using advanced, futuristic weaponry that provides unprecedented power,
freedom and control. Use Tectonic Grenades to jolt the ground skywards to access
otherwise unreachable areas; take out hidden enemies with strategic use of the
Torpedo Gun; or, blast out a crater to provide cover with the Entrencher during
particularly intense encounters.

Fracture will be available October
2008 for Xbox 360 and PLAYSTATION 3. More information about the game can be
found at the official Fracture site,