Lowest Super Mario Bros. score possible is the most intense video you’ll watch today

When it comes to video games, we're always striving to be the best — to achieve the highest score possible or to complete the fastest run. It's always about being the "best," best, of course, being defined by how perfect you are in your attempt.

But what about being the best at getting the lowest score possible in a game? Trust me, easier said than done. 

In the video below, YouTuber "NotEntirelySure," attempts to beat Super Mario Bros. with the lowest score possible: 500 points. It sounds easy, but as you watch you'll soon realize it requires just as much precision and perfection to not score above 500. Despite already knowing the outcome, it's still an intense watch.

As you can see, some tricks were needed in order to achieve the lowest possible score in Super Mario Bros. but a lot of it is skill and knowledge of the game's systems. Dodging enemies without jumping on them, avoiding every single coin and block (even the hidden ones), using every warp zone possible, waiting until the very last second to touch the bottom of the flagpole — this type of run requires just as much focus, concentration, and skill as a high score or speed run.

I can't wait to see what game is tackled next.