Louisville Coach Blames Modern Warfare 3 For Football Loss

Hello? You play to win the game!  Unfortunately, it looks like the players on the Louisville Cardinals football team were playing the wrong game.  At least that's what Head Coach Charlie Strong thinks was the cause of his team's lack of focus in their loss to Pitt on Saturday.

The Cardinals fell to Pitt 21-14 on Saturday dropping them to second place in the Big East.  They currently sit tied with four other teams in the hunt for a Big East championship.

What caused this lack of focus?  We've heard all the excuses for when a team loses: partying, drinking, staying up too late.  This one might be a first though.  According to Strong, it was the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC last week.  Is it coincidence that the game's release on Tuesday coincided with the team's lack of focus in practice?

"Young people are dealing with so much. I told them Tuesday. I get them off the practice field and we weren't sharp, so you're thinking you come back on Wednesday and we weren't sharp then. There's a new video game that came out and those guys are so… I said, how can you allow a video game to take control of what you have in your hand and what's ahead of you."

As most of the older generation tend to do when they don't understand anything – Strong turned to Twitter where he saw his player's Twitter accounts lighting up with talk of Modern Warfare 3.

"Our guys talk about it. It's the buzz when you hear it all the time. Call of Duty, the new video game out, so it was a call to duty and they got called to duty Saturday," Strong said. "It's young people. We're dealing with young guys who see something new, they want to try it and it just engulfs them. I heard them talking about it all week."

"It's all about maturity, but when you're dealing with young people everything is new and exciting to them and they're going to go try it as much as you talk about it," Strong said. "We had guys miss class because they stayed up all night playing that video game. It's such a big deal."

When asked if he ever played Call of Duty, Strong responded with a laugh, "No, I haven't played it, I'm not a video guy."

Well that's the problem!  Maybe he should give Skyrim a try and he'll have a better understanding of how easily it is to lose focus in a video game.