LOTR: War in the North Release Confirmed

The good news is Warner Bros. has confirmed the release date The Lord of the Rings: War in the North. The bad news is that you need to wait until November 1 to play it. The Tolkien-inspired action-RPG, which is headed to PC, Xbox 360, and PS3, will hit Australia on November 2 and Europe on November 4.

It has also been confirmed that the PC edition will use Steam. You’ll be able, and required, to add it to your Steam account.

War in the North’s co-op gameplay is heavily inspired from Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance. “We went back and looked pretty closely at Dark Alliance and looked at what really facilitated the co-op in that game, because a lot of people, including a lot of us, played that game on the couch with our friends,” producer Ruth Tomandl said.

“And we wanted to figure out what was it about that game that drove that and what we could improve on to make the co-op even more compelling. The trading system, the loot system in general – a lot of that stuff we really tried to optimize to make co-op as fun as it could be.”

It should also be mentioned that the Collector’s Edition, which comes in a quiver and includes an art book and video features, is available for $130.