Lost Soul Aside is no longer a one man project and is now a timed PS4 exclusive

Did you really think only one person could do this?

Making games is hard. Really hard. It's expensive and time-consuming, particularly when you use an engine such as Unreal 4 (which you have to pay to use) to bring your project to life. While it looked like a dream to praise one person for being able to make this gloriously looking game, Lost Souls Aside, the reality of the situation has inevitably set in.

He needs help.

And this is in no way a bad thing. Yang Bing, the man behind the game's creation, has been silent for quite some time until a recent set of tweets revealed some changes to the game's development. First and foremost, he is now receiving support from Sony Interactive Entertainment and in return; Lost Souls Aside will now be a timed PS4 exclusive. 

Here are the tweets:

Bing also reveals that he is working on the game now with several other developers and that the goal is to release the game sometime in the year 2018. That release window is in no way concrete, but it is at least more attainable now with backing from Sony.

Lost Souls Aside is inspired by the likes of Ninja Gaiden and Final Fantasy and is a very combo-heavy Action RPG set in what looks like an open world. Bing admits to the protagonist looking an awful lot like Final Fantasy XV's Noctis, so it is possible that there could be some art asset changes on the horizon.

Source: [DualShockers]