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Looney Tunes Characters Race To Stores This Week To Kick Off A Looney Tunes
Holiday Season


ANGELES, CA – December 4, 2000 – Forget making that left at Albuquerque Bugs,
you’re on the wrong planet! Infogrames, Inc. (Nasdaq: IFGM) announced today
that it is bringing everyone’s favorite Looney Tunes characters to life in
Looney Tunes: Space Race, an out-of-this-world kart-style racing game for Sega
Dreamcast available at stores this week. All is fair in love and racing, so
stock up on gags and traps and get ready to rocket!

ACME Corporation, maker of the universe’s most sought after products, is the
sponsor of the wildest race of the new Mil-Looney-Um, Looney Tunes: Space
Race. The game’s objective is to achieve the top prize — a lifetime supply of
ACME products! Up to four players will take on the role of eight different
Looney Tunes characters and their outrageously unique rocket-powered space
vehicles including Bugs Bunny in his Carrot Racer and Elmer Fudd in his Sabre
Jet. Inspired by the world of Looney Tunes, players will race through
graphically rich, intricately detailed environments and interact with other
characters in genuine Looney Tunes style, placing them in the middle of a
lifelike Looney Tunes’ cartoon.


Tunes: Space Race is a refreshing break from traditional arcade-style racing
— it stars the famous Looney Tunes characters, features the classic comedy
elements of the Warner Bros. cartoons and combines them with a space age take
on kart racing,’ said Jeff Nuzzi, director of marketing for Infogrames’
I-Stars Label. ‘Players of all ages will marvel at the beautiful, vibrant
graphics and the fluid, realistic gameplay showcased by the Dreamcast
technology. ‘


the only racing game of its kind with licensed characters for the Dreamcast,
players will race through 12 unique Looney Tunes inspired tracks such as Off
World City, the Asteroid Belt and Planet ACME. Each track features unique
environmental gags, challenging jumps, tunnels, shortcuts and traps players
can use to help them get ahead in the race. In addition to the eight playable
characters, there are seven more popular Looney Tunes characters that make
special appearances, including Foghorn Leghorn™ who stars as the event
announcer and Lola Bunny™ as the track-side reporter.

by Infogrames’ Melbourne House, Looney Tunes: Space Race is available at an
estimated retail price of $29.99 and can be found at most major retail


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in New York, NY, Infogrames, Inc. (Nasdaq: IFGM) is a majority-owned
subsidiary of Infogrames Entertainment SA (Euronext 5257) and serves as the
headquarters for the company’s operations in North America.


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systems. Founded in 1983 by chairman and CEO Bruno Bonnell, Infogrames has
published many award-winning franchises in its 17-year history, such as Alone
In The Dark™, Test Drive®, Driver™, Deer Hunter, Oddworld™, Unreal, and
V-Rally™. The company is also known for its best-selling and award-winning
line of children’s entertainment software from Humongous Entertainment®
starring Putt-Putt®, Freddi Fish™, Pajama Sam® and SPY Fox™, as well as
its successful Macintosh p! ublishing label, Macsoft, the number one publisher
of Macintosh entertainment software. In addition, Infogrames has a number of
key strategic licenses including Warner Bros. Looney Tunes™, Nickelodeon’s
Blue’s Clues™, AM General Hummer®, and Harley-Davidson®. Infogrames
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more information, visit Infogrames’ US Web site at www.us.infogrames.com.


TUNES, characters, names and all related indicia are trademarks of Warner
Bros. 2000