Look Into Mass Effect 3 Cinematics (Video)

BioWare TV’s ‘Pulse,’ looks into the new cinematics of their upcoming Mass Effect franchise game.  BioWare’s cinematic director, Parrish Ley, talks about the studio’s excitement and their hard work in creating Mass Effect 3.  This video, shown below, covers how the team uses story boards, scripts, rendering, and other elements to make the quality of game we know and love.

Ley says, “Mass Effect is really a players own personal sci-fi universe.”  He continues later with wanting ME3 to, “feel epic and big but also personal and most importantly – unique to the player.”  This is one of the stronger aspects of the ME series.  The fact that decisions you have made from the first game, characters you’ve killed, and quests you’ve done in the first two games affect the third – makes the story unique and amazing to each player.  This makes for a story and Shepard the way you want him / her want to be.

Parrish Ley also states that Mass Effect 3 is the “largest, event, sci-fi experiences, that I think has ever been in a video game.”  This statement only raises my excitement for the conclusion to the Mass Effect 3 series.  March can’t come sooner.