Long awaited Kickstarter Success Metroidvania Game Chasm is releasing this Month

It has been 84 years

Chasm has been a game long in the making, with its first appearance in 2013 and a following successful Kickstarter campaign. Now, developer Bit Kid is ready to announce their passion project will release this month, July 31st on PC, PS4 and PS Vita for only $19.99. Check out the new teaser trailer!

Studio Director James Petruzzi of Bit Kid took to the official PlayStation Blog where he revealed that the studios long anticipated platformer Chasm is going to release at the end of this July. For followers of Chasm, this marks a hopefully triumphant end to the long development period of the game that had a Kickstarter campaign 5 years ago.

The crowd-founding plea was a great success and the small independent development team took its good time to deliver the game they promised to their close to 7000 backers. As Petruzzi describes it, “Chasm is an RPG-adventure in which you play the role of a new recruit who’s sent to investigate why a nearby mining town has shut down. As you explore, you discover all sorts of supernatural creatures you need to battle to uncover the mystery of what’s happening with the town, and how you can save them.”

Chasm follows the steps of what has lovingly become called the “Metroidvania” genre of 2D action-adventure games with a hefty focus on exploration and acquiring new abilities. It’s not only the gorgeous pixel-art visuals which should help Chasm be on gamers’ minds, it’s the fluid animations, diverse move and attack sets and maybe most of all, a procedurally generated map, granting a lengthy game experience to players.

But procedurally generated game worlds have become anything but a niche by this time. So, if you have reservations regards that game mechanic, rest assured that Petruzzi and his team took extra care alleviating these concerns by implementing a Seed System into the world generation. This means, you, your friends or popular streamers can enjoy the same world by sharing the seed code. Further, developer Bit Kid has put efforts into generating a random world while introducing a steady pace with a mix of manually designed rooms and structured world progression.

While only PC, PS4 and PS Vita are getting Chasm initially, the platform landscape has changed drastically since Chasm’s initial announcement. So, we wouldn’t be surprised if other platforms would receive ports sometime in the future. For now though, head on to the PlayStation Blog post where you can learn more about Chasm from the Studio Director himself.