Live Chat with David Winter of Maximum-Football

Join A Live Chat with the Maximum-Football Producer David Winter

Matrix Games to Host Live Chat with Wintervalley Software on March 17th
at 10:00 PM Eastern


Staten Island, NY, March 15th, 2005 – Matrix Games (
and Wintervalley Software (
are pleased to announce a public live chat session with David Winter, the
author of the upcoming Maximum-Football sports game.  The topics of
discussion will be the upcoming title and any questions curious players may
have about the game design and features.


This rare opportunity gives the many people awaiting this game a chance to ask
the designer and developer himself any questions about the games or about
developing complex sports simulations.  The chat is set to begin March 17th at
10:00 PM Eastern US time from the Matrix Games website.  The chat is
accessible either through the “Users in Chat” (
link on the main page of Matrix Games or through the Services section
of the Matrix Games website.


Joseph Lieberman, Public Relations Manager at Matrix Games said, “In our
second chat of the new year we are very excited to bring a new face to the
players.  Mr. David Winter has been tirelessly working on Maximum Football for
quite some time and the results of his hard work are nearing fruition. This
chat will be the best time to get all your questions about this robust title
answered by the man who knows the game best.”


takes flexibility to a whole new level. By allowing the players to select and
change nearly every option of play, from Canadian vs. Professional USA rules
to setting your own playbook for each team, Maximum-Football is the PC
football fan’s dream come true.  Play or coach your team to victory in a fully
customizable league system, draft free agents, and create the ultimate
football team.


For more information, check the main Maximum Football page at
and the main Matrix Games website at



Matrix Games produces, markets and publishes
historical wargames as well as other computer gaming products.  Since 2002,
Matrix Games has published several award-winning games, including Highway
to the Reich, Starships Unlimited, Uncommon Valor
and Korsun Pocket.
Matrix Games is based in Staten Island, New York.  For more information, visit
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Founded in 1990 as a side business, Wintervalley has grown to produce the
first game for the Canadian Football League in 1999. Since then they have been
tirelessly working on Maximum-Football which will be released early 2005.
Wintervalley’s founder, David A. Winter, is an ex-navy seaman in the Canadian
Navy and believes that games should be creates for all types of gamers, rather
than tailored to a select few. More information can be found at their website