Live2D makes 2D images into animated 3D images

After watching the video below, I got this inkling that Cybernoids is going to go far with their Live2D software.  This technology is the world’s first drawing tech to enable 3D rendering out of 2D images.  While that is pretty sweet on its own, this software supports various portable consoles and smartphones.  As of now, Live2D is already being utilized in games that take on hard drawn art styles.

There are two versions of this application.  The uses support content creation focusing on either polygons or vectors.  A 3D engine is used to power the polygon version to increase the fluid motions and to make it faster.  While in its current state, Live2D is mainly being used for dialogue type games with limited motion.  Cybernoids is working on 360 degree rendering in the future.         

"We're aiming for this technology to be used worldwide, hopefully creating a market for revolving graphics in 2D, like with 3D. So, our goal is for this technology to become a de facto standard worldwide."

Like I said before, I find this technology to be really neat.  This sort of interactive and responsive tech makes me more excited for the future of gaming.

[Diginfo.TV via Cybernoids]

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