Live your life more than a quarter mile at a time in Need for Speed Most Wanted

So it may be the wrong movie quote, but the concept is still the same for EA's Need for Speed Most Wanted. In the new upcoming racing game, developed by Criterion, you are literally ridding yourself of the shackles that prevent you from enjoying most racing games.

Whereas most racing games up to this point have you grind to unlock the super fast cars, Need for Speed Most Wanted makes every car available to you at the start of the game. If you can find it, you can drive it. 

Today's "Get Wanted" trailer doesn't really show off the open-world nature of the game, but rather focuses on the cop chase aspect of Need for Speed Most Wanted. As my favorite feature in the Need for Speed series, I'm glad to see Criterion place so much emphasis on this.

In the game you'll have to evade roadblocks, outrun dozens of cop cars, and use not only brute force, but wits to outsmart them. That includes seamlessly switching cars mid-chase to fake them out. All the while, you'll be competing with friends and rivals in a seamless world that rids the game of typical game menus. I've got the need…for speed! Damn, wrong movie again!