Live-action Pokemon movie confirmed to be Detective Pikachu


The bidding war surrounding a "big-budget live-action" Pokemon movie is over and as anticipated, Legendary Pictures has won. The studio behind Pacific Rim will be officially be bringing us a new Pokemon franchise, a live-action film series based on Detective Pikachu.

That's right, the game series that didn't release any where in the world other than Japan is getting a live-action movie (that will hopefully release worldwide). The movie is set to enter production in 2017, unfortunately, details on the plot and story are not being shared at the time.

In the mean we can look to the 3DS game that does look pretty interesting. 

Detective Pikachu is a 3DS game that takes our much-loved bipedal electric mouse and has him able to say more than just "Pikachu," drink coffee and try to date human girls.  In addition to all that, Pikachu is apparently a great detective that needs an assistant, and in the game you are the Watson to Pikachu-Sherlock.

The game released in February this year, with no confirmed plans on being localized in other countries. With the announcement of the film, there's a solid chance that the game will make a world-wide debut on the 3DS… or who knows… maybe the NX.

Either way, we need to ressurect the campaign to have Danny DeVito voice Pikachu.