Little Nightmares First DLC Released Today

Learn the Secrets of the Maw in the first of three DLCs.

Little Nightmares is a puzzle-solving horror game akin to the works of Tim Burton. It's so similar to works like Nightmare Before Christmas and Coraline that it ends up not being a surprise that a TV adaption is being created by director Henry Selick. The success of the title doesn't end there, however, as the first of three DLC has launched today.

The DLC, named The Depths is part one of three of an overarching story called  Secrets of the Maw. The Depths has players assuming the role of another prisoner called The Runaway Kid. "The Kid has to solve water-based puzzles and swim through treacherous waters while avoiding The Granny."

As stated, water seems to be the focus of this adventure, even more so than the original game. Check out the teaser trailer above. 

Tarsier received praise for Little Nightmares for being artistic and very unnerving. Our review of Little Nightmares states that "It’s imaginative and creepy, a mix that Tim Burton fans would love."