Little King’s Story Vita will have crazy costumes with guns

We already knew that New Little King's Story for the PlayStation Vita was going to sport a new look. Characters will appear less chubby and short, and more anime-ish. Additionally, it looks as though Konami has a set of costumes set to land as DLC.

According to Siliconera, the game will feature "gothic lolita" outfits for the game's princesses. Not sure if the add-on content will stay local to Japan, and I'm not even sure if I would want that stuff to make it to North America. I mean, come on, gothic lolita?

In any case, Konami revealed some new costumes and details on upcoming character outfits. In addition to sporty and old school Japanese garments, one character design shows a princess with an outfit suited with some big guns. And no, I'm not talking about boobs.

Honestly, the gun outfit is very non-Little King's Story. That said, video games aren't supposed to make sense anyway, so yeah. I'll take guns over gothic lolita nonsense any day.


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