Little King’s Story Vita Trailer Shows Off Art Style, Gameplay

Little King's Story has the distinction of being one of the most charming games available on the Wii. Yes, it has a T rating. Yes, there are Mario, Donkey Kong, and Kirby games on the console. And yes, there are a myriad other cutesy titles on Nintendo's shiny platform. But even then, I still think Little King's Story manages to shine as one of the most bright and cheery games on the console.

That's why when news surfaced that the series was headed to the PlayStation Vita, I was ecstatic. Details soon broke out that the game would take on a much more realistic visual aesthetic. Screenshots showed that Little King's Story Vita was still colorful and bright, but the chracters, enemies, and livestock all featured a more streamlined look that contrasted greatly with the original game's cartoon-like appearance.

Now, a new trailer has landed on the official website of Little King's Story. The trailer shows off some group-based gameplay, a boss fight, and a look at the scenery in the game. The whole thing does have a different vibe from the original Little King's Story as far as the graphics are concerned, but the sound design seems to remain intact.

Some people like the new look. Others hate it. Personally, I just want to see more, and I would rather get a closer look at the game before I give my full thoughts. I was a big supporter of the art style in the Wii version of Little King's Story, and while I won't deny that it is indeed a bit of a shame that the look has been altered so drastically, I still have to admit that the anime-like appearance of the characters gives the game a more traditional RPG look, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.