LIMBO Special Edition will make you happy… in a gloomy, eerie way

As Reggie Fils-Aime said, "what else?" Well, when it comes to LIMBO, everything else! LIMBO is back with goodies in a new Special Edition. The boxed LIMBO Special Edition is available for purchase on Amazon RIGHT NOW! If you're still here and haven't clicked off to go buy it, here's the deets (short for details, I'm cool like that) on it..

Not only does LIMBO come in a special edition box that pops in a stunningly colorful black and white, but it has a disc with DRM-free PC and Mac versions. It also comes with a free Steam gift key, seven original art cards, a boy sticker, and 3D glasses. What are the 3D glasses for, you might ask? Well, the special edition LIMBO features anaglyph 3D mode. POW!

If you're a huge fan of LIMBO or you have never experienced the eerie charm of the game, you need to make this $25 purchase. I mean, c'mon… DRM FREE!

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