Lighthouse Interactive announces Keepsake

Lighthouse Interactive announces

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, August
16th : Newly formed software publisher Lighthouse Interactive announced today
that it has entered into a publishing agreement with Canadian developer Wicked
Studios for their upcoming PC adventure game ‘Keepsake’. The deal will give
Lighthouse Interactive publishing rights for all European territories and
Russia. The deal will not include European French speaking territories.

Erik Schreuder, Lighthouse CEO,
said: “Keepsake will be the first release for Lighthouse so we wanted to launch
with the right title. Keepsake is a great adventure game with an enchanting
storyline. It looks amazing and everyone can play at their own level and pace.
We couldn’t be more pleased with having this game kicking off our campaign.”

Yves Bordeleau, President at Wicked
Studios, added: “We’re very pleased to be one of the first titles that
Lighthouse will endeavour to bring to the market, especially since Keepsake is
our first project too; a sort of a double debut. They are new but very
experienced and committed and we’re confident that they will give Keepsake the
attention it deserves.”

Keepsake sets you on an incredible
journey through the mystical halls of Dragonvale Academy, the greatest school of
Magic known in the Old World. Keepsake tells the story of Lydia as she searches
for her missing friend, Celeste. Starting on the first day of school, Lydia
finds the halls empty and her friend nowhere to be found, the only trace is a
keepsake she gave her best friend some 8 years ago. As she holds it, strange
images from Celeste‘s life begin to fill her mind. Do they hold the answer
behind the mystery of her friend’s disappearance?

One of the game‘s unique features is
an in-game hint-system, which enables the player to get various levels of hints
to solve puzzles, allowing players of almost any age and calibre to play and
finish the game to its memorable ending, a story that everyone will enjoy.

Game Features:

  • A deep and involving storyline
    where suspense and mystery await every turn.

  • Explore a vast environment located
    in a Medieval Fantasy setting.

  • Easy to use interface that evolves
    as new features become available

  • 3rd Person gameplay powered by
    state of the art graphics engine

  • A Unique hint system provides
    players in game assistance

  • Tricky puzzles yet easy to play:
    the game challenges your wits rather than your dexterity.